The best online casinos are constantly finding new ways to make the gaming experience as exciting and realistic as possible for customers. A relatively recent development in online gaming is the introduction of live dealer casino games; these have proved to be incredibly popular with players. They really help to bring an online casino to life.

As they have been such a big hit, it's no surprise that more and more casino sites are offering live dealer games. If you are interested in trying them, you have plenty of options. Take a look at our rankings for the best below; these are currently our top recommendations for 2015.

  • Bet365 Casino
  • Bovada Casino

There are an increasing number of online casinos getting in on live dealer action, and most sites now offer at least a small selection of these games. This makes it easy to find a place to play them, but we must stress how important it is to sign up with a reputable site. We strongly suggest that you stick with those listed above. These are all high-quality online casinos: safe and reliable for enjoying live dealer games.

How Do Live Dealer Casino Games Work?

Live dealer games are one of the most exciting developments in gaming since the first online casinos were launched. If you enjoy gambling games and haven't yet tried live dealer options, then you really are missing out. Not only are they great fun, but they are so realistic that it almost feels like you are actually there.

These games work by streaming live footage of real dealers using real casino equipment directly to your computer. They are played in exactly the same way as in a real casino: you just have to make your bets and decisions by using your computer. You can usually play them directly through your web browser, although some casinos do require you to download some software first.

There are a number of different games that live dealer casinos offer, with the two most common being roulette and blackjack. With roulette, you'll see video of a croupier and a roulette wheel; you simply place your bets as you normally would. You'll then be able to watch as the croupier spins the wheel and you'll get to see where the ball lands. Please take a look at our live dealer roulette page for more information.

For blackjack live, you'll see video of a dealer and a card table. Again, you just place your bets as usual. The dealer will then deal the cards and will act upon your instructions accordingly. The rules of the games remain the same as normal, and you can even chat with the dealers in some places. Visit our live dealer blackjack page for more details.

Features of the Best Live Dealer Casinos

There are certain qualities that we look for when recommending the best casino sites for live dealer games. Many are the same as those that we take into account when rating the best overall casino sites, but there are certain factors that are specific for these rankings. These include the availability of the games and the standard of the video streaming.

When playing normal online casino games, availability is never an issue, because there's no limit to the amount of people that can play. However, with live dealer games, the casino will only have a certain number of tables and seats. If all are filled, you have to wait until someone leaves before you can start. This can be really frustrating if you are looking forward to playing, so we make sure to only recommend sites that have plenty of dealers and tables that can cope with high levels of demand.

The standard of the video streaming is important as it can affect your enjoyment of the games. Live dealer casino games have many advantages, but one of the minor drawbacks is that the games are a little slower than the standard ones. This is understandable given that there are real dealers involved and the action (such as dealing cards or spinning a wheel) has to physically take place instead of graphical representations.

If the streaming is of a poor quality, then the games will be even slower, because there will be delays between the action and your ability to view it. The best live dealer casinos use the latest technology to ensure that the video streaming is of the highest quality and runs very smoothly, thus ensuring that you can play your favorite games at a decent speed.